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Jonathan Chavez's college education began at LaGuardia Community College where he earned an associate's degree in Liberal Arts in May 2010. As the father of a three-year-old son, he is concerned about the state of low-income communities, in particular the lack of resources for young people and the potential for this to contribute to negative behaviors. Jonathan wants to approach this problem as an urban planner and target the geographic, structural and environmental factors that can fuel such behaviors.  For example, Jonathan would like to work on the design of urban centers that take into account the needs of the community such as playgrounds and open spaces for children while addressing the overcrowding of schools.Jonathan would also like to establish a non-profit organization to support previously imprisoned men and women.  The non-profit would provide leadership training targeting their academic, financial and personal development to ensure they can be productive members of society and live fulfilling lives. As a Sociology major at Bard College, Jonathan is working with the Bard Prison Initiative as a GED tutoring volunteer.  He is also working with fellow Bard students to design a program that facilitates workshops to promote individual student leadership on campus.  Jonathan is a member of Bard's Opportunity Program and works at the Dean of Student Affairs' office.