Kaplan Leadership Program Alumni

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Anastasia Morton is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in Psychology and Educational Studies at Mount Holyoke College. As a Frances Perkins Scholar, Anastasia has managed to pursue leadership while remaining actively engaged in her son's elementary school.   As a dynamic member of the Pioneer Valley community, Anastasia has sought to bridge the communication gap between families, school and government officials to ensure the development of youth services that encourage the full development of children. As such, she has served as instructor for Identity Dialogue Training, which teaches leadership skills and empowers high school students to engage in truthful dialogue around bullying. She has also served as Program Director for the Sound of Youth Leadership Retreat in Amherst, MA, and as facilitator and mentor for numerous conferences and seminars aimed at developing self-advocacy skills.  While pursuing her associate's degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences at LaGuardia Community College, Anastasia worked full-time as a School Aide for the Waldleigh Secondary School in NYC. While at LGCC, Anastasia participated in the Accelerated Study in Associate Program (ASAP), and was a member of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK). She also co-chaired the Parent Committee at the Leggett Child Care Center, where her son completed pre-school. Upon graduation from Mount Holyoke in May 2012, Anastasia intends to pursue a career in the educational field that empowers disenfranchised youth by teaching them the importance of education, cultural appreciation, leadership and self-esteem.