About Us

What we do

We believe in the transformative power of education and the Kaplan Leadership Program is our way of helping community college students with great potential and financial need transform their lives. Through scholarships and other support, we help facilitate successful transfers to and completion of bachelor's degree programs while preparing our Scholars to become leaders in their professions and communities.

For details on the Kaplan Leadership Program click here.

Help People From Diverse Backgrounds Succeed

We define potential, not by the challenges of one's background, but by each person's innate abilities and his/her drive to succeed. In fact, we are not only committed to assisting exceptional individuals to achieve their potential, but also dedicated to expanding their perceptions of their capabilities and what is attainable for them.

We Get Directly Involved

In addition to financial support, we provide direct support to students through the Kaplan Leadership Program.  It is a program that seeks to address academic, personal and financial barriers in order to assist students to reach their full potential.  For details on the Kaplan Leadership Program click here.

Kaplan has 70 years of experience using education to empower people. In addition to our experience preparing high school and college students to take standardized tests, we've helped thousands of people secure professional licenses, pass certification exams and gain the skills needed to excel in their careers. We also operate 70 career-oriented institutions of higher education, in addition to Kaplan University and Concord Law School, and provide support to students in grades K-12. The Kaplan Educational Foundation has the advantage of being able to draw on these and other resources to accomplish our philanthropic mission.